Friday, October 17, 2008

I've Been Making Strategic Decisions!

hey - Hogue the Strategy Dog here. It's been one of those weeks, if you know what I'm sayin'. I did not get to go to work as many days as I would have liked,but I was still working. For example on Monday and Tuesday, I was consulting with the people at the Fed about monetary policy. They wanted my opinion. Wednesday night I consulted with Joe the Plumber a bit about what he should do. I thought that McCain turned him into a republican shill, and told him he should bite McCain in the leg. He ended up not taking my advise. Oh well.

At my worked they had a big meeting, and so I stole the big retarded dog's bone, and then I got all aggro and that was cool. I had to drink a bunch of water after that.

I found a great article on partical physics that i've been reading, i'll give you a report once I'm done.

Oh, on the interweb strategy tool I found this im going to join. totally.

I also found this but it was not what I had wished it was. i wanted upside down dogs. this was a dissappointment. Oh well, I will eat something now.

Take care good readers, and keep it real strategic!

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benoh said...

Hogue, you handsome son of a're way better looking than all those bitches on